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Awesome / The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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  • The pilot of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. starts its climax with Brisco strapping a saddle to a rocket, riding the rocket to a train that's being robbed, then lassoing the caboose, tying the rope's other end to the saddle horn, and climbing hand over hand to the train. All done completely for real with no CGI, and an undeniable statement about the show's seamless blend of western and sci-fi.
    • The Pilot also has Brisco taking out four other guys by tricking them to shoot each other.
    • Brisco's first meeting with Bowler was pretty awesome for the both of them. Bowler challenges him to a Game of Chicken by lighting a stick of dynamite at the table. Brisco is completely unflappable, forcing Bowler to cut the fuse.
    • The Introduction of "The Orb", showing its power to free men with its strange cosmic power.
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    • The same episode also showed the power of the orb when corrupt people like Mr. Thurogood tries to use it.
  • Bruce Campbell's audition for the show. With limited space in the room to demonstrate his physical prowess, he brought back the stunt he'd learned for Evil Dead 2 of grabbing the back of his neck and doing a complete forward flip.

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