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Recap / The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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The recap page for The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr..

All spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

  1. Pilot: After his Marshall father is killed bringing in the infamous John Bly Gang, bounty hunter Brisco County Jr. is hired by the rich elite of the Westerfield Club to bring the members of the gang to justice. Along the way he discovers what Bly's been after, a mysterious gold orb which grants marvelous strength to anyone who touches it.
  2. The Orb Scholar: Brisco follows a lead on Bly to the criminal-infested town of Poker Flats, where he comes across an old friend, some old enemies and an old man who knows quite a bit about the orb.
  3. No Man's Land: After Brisco is injured trying to bring in the Swill Brothers, Professor Wickwire seeks medical help for him in a town populated entirely by women. Meanwhile, Lord Bowler is tasked with hunting down a hijacked experimental "battle wagon".
  4. Brisco in Jalisco: Brisco is forced to take Socrates to Mexico with him to recover a shipment of guns stolen by Pete Hutter, another of Bly's gang.
  5. Socrates' Sister: Brisco captures Jack Randolph, one of Bly's gang. Except the captured man claims he's the wrong Jack Randolph and sends for a back east lawyer, who turns out to be...take a wild guess.
  6. Riverboat: Brisco enlists the help of Dixie Cousins and Lord Bowler to help get Scorates out of his gambling debt to Brett Bones, another of Bly's gang members.
  7. Pirates!: Blackbeard LeCutte, out of place pirate and another Bly gang member, has been robbing every wagon he sets his sights on. Brisco and Lord Bowler set out to capture him and recover medicine for a young boy with a deadly illness.
  8. Senior Spirit: The ghost of Brisco County Sr. appears to Brisco to help him track down Bly, who has kidnapped both the son of one of the Westerfield tycoons and Professor Wickwire.
  9. Brisco for the Defense: Brisco puts his Harvard degree to good use when an old friend of his is accused of murdering a man who had no shortage of people wanting him dead.
  10. Showdown: After getting a letter from his childhood sweetheart, Brisco returns to his hometown and briefly takes over for the alcoholic sheriff, who is also her father.
  11. Deep in the Heart of Dixie: Dixie is forced into hiding after finding a cylinder recording linking John Bly with a high-ranking politician.
  12. Crystal Hawks: Brisco's on the lamb after being falsely accused of murder. His only chance is to track down the real killer before he's caught. Unfortunately, the real killer is someone everyone (including Brisco) thought was long dead.
  13. Steel Horses: Juno Dawkins, another Bly gang member, steals a bunch of prototype motorcycles in order to catch a mysterious government shipment headed for Nevada.
  14. Mail Order Brides: The Swill Brothers are at it again. This time they steal the doweries of a trio of westward bound brides-to-be who know of Brisco and Bowler through a series of unauthorized (and highly inaccurate) dimestore novels.
  15. A.K.A. Kansas: With the aid of Dixie, Brisco masqurades as a notorious outlaw to get into the gang of Doc McCoy, Bly's new accomplice and Dixie's ex-husband.
  16. Bounty Hunter's Convention: Brisco, Bowler and Socrates are invited to a meeting of other bounty hunters. After a couple of them are killed, their supposed host flees, leaving the rest of them stuck on an island for two days with someone who wants them all dead.
  17. Fountain of Youth: Brisco teams up with a woman claiming to be Professor Coles' daughter to find him and the orb he's hiding before Bly does.
  18. Hard Rock: Bowler, with Brisco in tow, comes to the aid of an old flame who's town is being threatened by a supposedly reformed criminal running a protection racket.
  19. Brooklyn Dodgers: Brisco and Bowler try to help a couple of adult-hating Brooklyn kids get to San Francisco before an unscrupulous orphanage owner can falsely claim their inheritance to settle his debt to the Irish mob.
  20. Bye Bly: After the last of Bly's gang members slips through his and Bowler's fingers, Brisco is visited by a woman from the future who tells him of Bly's impending escape. With Bly on the loose and the Orb in the hands of rogue government agents, the fate of the future is in Brisco's hands.
  21. Ned Zed: A Whole Episode Flashback taking place some time before "Deep in the Heart of Dixie". Brisco tangles with Ned Zed, a wanted bank robber and Bly gang member, and Frenchy Bearpaux, a man with a grudge against Brisco Sr. who is looking to settle his score.
  22. Stagecoach: Brisco is tasked by the government to escort a prisoner to Mexico for an exchange. Along the way, he finds out she's a government agent. Unfortunately, someone else on the stage knows as well and wants to make sure she never arrives.
  23. Wild Card: Brisco and Bowler are hired to escort a money delivery to Reno, which is stolen en route by none other than Dixie Cousins. After tracking her down, they discover she stole it to help her sister, Dolly, get back her casino from the son of a New York crime boss.
  24. And Baby Makes Three: Pete Hutter comes crashing into the Horseshoe Club and dumps a kidnapped baby on Dixie. Unfortunately, this puts a target on her back, as the baby is the future Emperor of China and the Black Lotus Gang will do anything to get their hands on him.
  25. Bad Luck Betty: After Socrates is kidnapped from his own birthday party, Brisco, Bowler and Whip Morgan track him to the town of Midnightville, where he's being held hostage by a man hanged for murder ten years ago.
  26. High Treason: The two-part Season Finale. After a rescue mission in Mexico goes south, Brisco and Bowler are convicted of high treason and put on trial by a war-hungry general with his eyes on the White House.