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  • In Sonata 2, to thank Panacea for healing one of them, the Reapers redecorated the whole hospital she was working in with an hygienic and particularly pretty painting, just because they thought she was working so hard and deserved a little gift. Panacea passes out and Glory Girl is forced to thank the Reapers in her stead. She uses it to apologize for mistakenly bruising one of their members.
  • Accoustic (understand: The Composer) considering not just Bluegrass's request to send some cans of Sound to his artist cousin, but also expending the Reaper movement to other cities.
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  • Taylor frets very much over the possibility she messed with the Reapers' minds to make them more happy and friendly. Right after meeting her, Tattletale's words are: "This thing you worry so much about? Doesn't exist."
  • Aisha's love for her brother is the reason why she begs the Reapers to take a more active stance against the gangs, citing she doesn't want to learn he died because of it.
    • She immediately goes to the Composer when Bakuda vs the Undersiders starts to unfold, blowing the unwritten rules because she would rather see Brian unmasked and safe than dead.
    • When Brian later finds her leaving right off a Reaper party, he states he doesn't have a problem with her membership. He just wanted to tell her something: "I've got custody."
  • The Reapers' loyalty to the Composer. Not even Leviathan will stop them from standing by their boss's side (against her desires mind you).
  • The fact that by the start of Leviathan's Endbringer fight, almost every single major parahuman gang in Brockton Bay has become friendly. To the extent that Kaiser and Miss Militia share a joke over Skidmark going cold turkey.
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  • In the fan-made prequel, PRT employee Lithe meets Taylor while she's busy spraypainting and openly praises her artwork. He's also very gentle and respectful of her boundaries when he realizes she's a parahuman.

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