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Heartwarming / Simoun

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  • Rimone, at about nine years by far the youngest of the Sybilla, learns that flying a Simoun goes better when the two pilots like each other. She then kisses her co-pilot Dominura on the cheek when meeting her in one of the ship's hallways, asking if she likes her better now. That's just so cute.
  • Rodoreamon and Mamiina's dramatic reconciliation in episode ten. Mamiina was finally accepted as one of the True Companions in a truly heartwarming fashion.
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  • Rodoreamon softly whispering "aaeru" at Mamiina's funeral later in the series, and her hairstyle in the series finale.
  • "We were all maidens once."
  • Mamiina's self-sacrifice to protect a group of foreign priestesses she didn't know, who had recognised her as a true Sybilla. "Now, in your language..."
  • Last episode, Rimone whispering "Aaeru" as the simoun flies over head. When asked what it means? The greatest love of all.
  • Paraietta and Neviril's second dance, especially when Paraietta reveals she's chosen to stay a woman, instead of feeling obligated to turn into a man for Neviril's sake.

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