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Tear Jerker / Simoun

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  • Everything involving Rodoreamon and Mamiina's subplot in Simoun, particularly when it intersects with Yun's subplot. After Mamiina dies, Onashia and Yun can apparently talk to her dead spirit; they tell Rodoreamon that Mamiina loved her, give her Mamiina's braid, and, after Yun Mercy Kills Onashia, she spends eternity gazing wistfully into the Spring while holding Mamiina's braid in a cradle as Rodoreamon is shown to wear her hair like Mamiina's and implied to remain celibate and spend the rest of her life waiting patiently to be with Mamiina in death. The fact that this is one of the few fictional subplots of its type where the expected Wangst doesn't occur is a testament to how good the show is.
    • Pretty much from episode 18 on is one ride of tears. Tears of sadness, tears of anger, tears of happiness, and tears of beauty. Tissue box is suggested to be in reach.
  • Paraietta getting more and more broken the longer the series goes on. Her self-esteem takes a huge plunge, she's burdened with guilt and regret, and she begins feeling utterly incapable as a leader.


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