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Heartwarming / Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness

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  • Mirai, Asuma and Kurenai's daughter, treating Shikamaru like her big brother.
  • Temari is worried about Shikamaru, so she asks Gaara's permission to investigate the matter. He agrees and offers her a bunch of Suna shinobi as backup, saying that Shikamaru is important to the Shinobi Union, so they can't let him die.
  • Naruto is also worried about Shikamaru and the way he's been acting lately. Sakura tells him that he has nothing to worry about, since Shikamaru is doing all that so that Naruto can become Hokage. Naruto replies that this is precisely why he's worried.
  • Despite the risk, Shikamaru and his team try to save Sai when they discover he's still alive and about to be executed. Sadly Sai's "execution" was a trap.
    • Later, Shikamaru's vow to Sai that he will free him from Gengo's control and save him. It's very impressive considering Shikamaru and Sai were not previously shown to be close friends.
  • Temari's Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! rant breaking Shikamaru out of Gengo's genjutsu in a single instant.
  • Ino, at considerable risk to her own mind, diving very deep into Sai's mind to bring him out of the genjutsu, her growing feelings for him and understanding of his pain motivating her.
  • Shikamaru finally asks Temari out, and her wide grin as she replies with his favorite Catch Phrase: "how troublesome".
  • The epilogue of the novel has Shikamaru and Temari looking down at their newborn son and wondering what they should name him.

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