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Tear Jerker / Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness

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  • Seeing Shikamaru acting so out-of-character while trying to be the responsible leader everyone expects him to be.
  • Temari is worried sick about Shikamaru, since he'd been acting strange for a while. She's also deeply hurt he's shutting her out of whatever is troubling him.
  • Temari's love for Shikamaru. You can feel the love and worry she has for him when she is talking to Gaara and pleading to him to let her help Shikamaru.
  • Sai's innner conflict having caused him to curl up deep within his mind, comforting himself with the chakra of his friends while his body tries to kill his allies.
    • Watching as Gengo slowly breaks Sai with his genjutsu in the anime version. Sai knows what's happening and tries to resist, but Gengo exploits Sai's fears of being overshadowed by Sauske and left abandoned by his friends.
    • When Shikamaru confronts the mind controlled Sai, Sai says that Naruto would do anything to rescue Sakura and Sasuke, but not him.
    • When Ino (who at this point is falling in love with him) also confronts Sai on her own, he tries to push her away and tell her that it's useless to pretend to be his friend. Ino doesn't buy it and points out that he's crying, asking him why...

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