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"I've got it all figured out. The baby can have Bart's crib and Bart'll sleep with us until he's 21."
Homer Simpson,The Simpsons, "Lisa's First Word"

A new baby is on the way! Usually this is great news because Babies Make Everything Better. The problem is that there is not enough space in the parents' home for another family member. The new parents may live in a small apartment in The City and move to a more spacious and kid friendly place in Suburbia. In another iteration, the parents already own a single family home, but they need to move because it's becoming too small for their growing family.


The transition may happen on screen in a moving day episode, or offscreen at the end of the series along with Babies Ever After. In a less common alternative, the family puts an addition on their house instead of moving.

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    Films — Animated 
  • The one clear reason for the Davis family's move in Toy Story is that six-year-old Andy was originally sharing a room with his toddler sister, Molly.
  • A variant in 101 Dalmatians. Early in the film, Pongo and Perdita have fifteen puppies, and their human masters - Roger and Anita - are uncertain whether they will have room for all of them. Over the course of the movie, Pongo and Perdita rescue 84 more puppies from the villain. Luckily, by the time they get back to their masters, Roger has struck gold with a hit song, and he and Anita are easily persuaded to adopt all the puppies, with Roger gleefully announcing that "We'll buy a big place, in the country!" to accommodate them all.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Coneheads, Beldar and Prymaat are living in a basement apartment when Prymaat is pregnant; shortly before she goes into labor, they discuss moving out to a house in the suburbs as they've been saving for it. They do so, leading to a Good-Times Montage of the Conehead family living in their new house.
  • A more somber version of this occurs in THREADS with Jimmy and Ruth renovating a room in their new apartment for their soon-to-be daughter but with tensions between the two nuclear superpowers and a Protect & Survive PSA detailing how to deal with dead bodies in your fallout room, poor Ruth breaks down crying and Jimmy comforts her.
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin: In both the film and the book, Franklin and Eva move out of New York City because of their new baby Kevin; Franklin doesn't even ask Eva before choosing a house. In the book especially, Eva emphasizes how much she hates the house and its location.
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting: Holly and Alex buy a new house in anticipation of adopting a baby.

    Fan Works 
  • As a variant, in beautifulpurpleflame's The Little Cherub series, the Titans Tower is more than big enough, but there is some debate about building a bigger car due to all the growing (and about to grow) families. They also clear out one of the Tower's storage floors.
  • In Second Chances by TheNovelArtist, Adrien convinces Marinette to move into a bigger house six months after their son is born.
  • In Two Pink Lines by BonneyQ, Adrien and Marinette are living in a kitchenette together, but start looking into buying a house once Marinette falls pregnant (drawing the attention of Adrien's father, who's curious about his son needing to withdraw so much money).
  • Us and Them: Shortly after they get married, Aeris tells Sephiroth they need a bigger apartment, because their family is already about to grow.

  • Berenstain Bears: In Berenstain Bears' Moving Day, one of the reasons that the bears move from their small cave to the bigger tree house is to have space to expand their family. Sister Bear is born in the next book.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Subverted in Good Luck Charlie. When Amy is expecting a baby at the beginning of the third season, she gets the idea to move to a larger house (where they might also get a pet). However, after remembering the times with each of the kids in their current house, she can't bear to move anymore.
  • Played with in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Philip and Vivian push Hilary into moving into an apartment so they can use her room for the baby they're expecting. She gets around it by moving into the pool house, reasoning that she'll technically be out of the house and won't have to pay a ton of money to live there. Philip is disappointed, as he really wanted Hilary out of his hair.
  • The second season finale of The Guest Book has Tommy and Nikki expecting a second child. Tommy decides to discontinue rentals of Barefoot Retreat so they can move into it.
  • Friends: At the end of the series, Monica and Chandler move to a bigger place in the suburbs as they adopt newborn twins.
  • House Hunters: The show has featured a number of expecting couples looking for a bigger place in episodes such as "More Space for Baby," "A New Baby Means a New Place" and "Make Room for a Baby in Durham."
  • Malcolm in the Middle: When Lois gets pregnant with Jamie, Hal rips the wall off of their bedroom to add a nursery. Not surprisingly, it isn't the most well thought out plan, but it does get finished eventually.
  • Charmed (1998): When Piper gets pregnant with Wyatt, Leo converts their closet into a nursery (and Grams is disgusted to learn that this is seemingly the only thing they've done to prepare for a new witch child). Phoebe and Paige briefly move out around the time Chris is born, allowing Piper to move her sons into their now-empty rooms. It's never explained where exactly the boys stay after the sisters move back in.
  • Frasier: When Roz learns she's pregnant she notes she'll have to move out of her studio apartment and find something bigger. She eventually finds a larger apartment near the marina that she lives in for the rest of the series.

  • A Raisin in the Sun: Though not the main impetus for the Youngers' move (four adults and one child live in a two-bedroom apartment), the realization that Ruth is pregnant gives them one more reason to move to a larger house.

    Western Animation 
  • In Bobby's World, when Martha is pregnant with the twins, the family decides they need to move to a bigger house, much to Bobby's discomfort. In the end, they only move into a house across the street from their old one, so it's not as big of a deal as Bobby originally thinks.
  • In season 3 of F is for Family, the Murphy's are expecting a fourth child and add an extra room to their house to accommodate it. Unfortunately, Chet Stevenson rats them out to the city and they don't have a permit, so they have to tear it down.
  • The Tiger family's expecting a new baby is the subject of a story arc in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood; one episode in the arc sees the family preparing a previously-unseen room in the house to be used as a nursery.
  • In the The Simpsons episode "Lisa's First Word," Homer, Marge, and baby Bart are living in a small apartment near downtown Springfield. However, when Marge becomes pregnant with Lisa, she tells Homer they need to live in a bigger place, and go house hunting, until they eventually buy the house they live in now.
    • In "I Married Marge," after Homer marries Marge because she's pregnant with Bart, they move into her family's house and live with her mother, Patty, and Selma because they can't afford their own place due to Homer quitting his job at the miniature golf course to look for a better paying job, and ending up unemployed. It was only after Homer started earning a decent wage working in the power plant that they were able to move in to their own apartment sometime after this episode's events and "Lisa's First Word".


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