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Heartwarming / She-Devil

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  • Ruth enticing Hooper to partake in the luscious pastries she brought for her own lunch is this.
    • Hooper later quitting her job to join Ruth after she's been fired can also be seen as this.
  • A scene where Ruth looks at the unflattering People magazine article on Mary Fisher Mood Whiplashes into this when she sees a photo where a beaming Mary is posing with the unhappy Nicolette and Andrew. Ruth looks quite wistful for her children, even moreso when she then looks at a photo of herself, Bob and the children when they were all still together. She's clearly on the verge of tears, and it's evident she really misses her children.
  • The end.
    • Ruth is together with her children, who seem better behaved, again.
    • They visit Bob in prison, where he presents his burnt cooking, Ruth doesn't criticize his cooking like he used to. They discuss plans to get together for dinner after he gets out of prison, she leaves for a while, he gives the cookies to his kids and asks for an honest opinion. The kids lie through their teeth and say they're pretty good. It's so nice to see how the Dysfunctional Family has started acting like they love each other, especially after all the events in the film.
      Ruth: People can change.

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