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  • The ending of "Mutation City".
  • "The Wrath of Dark Kat" also has a few, including another instance of the immortal "Hey, what took ya so long?" line. Also this exchange, when Razor is about to make a Heroic Sacrifice by deactivating the nuke while its falling to the ground.
    T-Bone: "Any last wishes, buddy... just in case?"
    Razor and the nuke fall through the clouds, disappearing from sight. Then we hear his voice over the commlink:
    Razor: "Get Dark Kat."
    And T-Bone does.
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  • Some of the scenes Chance and Jake have when they're just hanging out as civilians can be really sweet and really show how good of friends they are, like at the beginning of "The Ci-Kat-A" when Jake and Chance go to see a movie together and see (what Chance thinks) is a shooting star as they get ready to head home. Or the beginning of "Mutation City" which revolves around Jake saving Chance from drowning and being genuinely concerned about Chance's not knowing how to swim, which he later overcomes to save Jake when he ends up falling hard on the water (which is not soft in the slightest) and is knocked unconscious.
  • A rare villainous example in the Metallikats—for all their bickering Like an Old Married Couple (which they actually are), there are moments when we see how much they care for each other deep down. The foremost example has to be "Unlikely Alloys," where Molly teams up with the SWAT Kats in order to save Mac after he gets absorbed by an out-of-control artificial intelligence. Even before that, when one of their bank heists goes wrong and Molly gets critically damaged, Mac's first instinct is to ignore the loot (even when she tells him to grab it) and get her away from the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers.
    • After their escape, Mac hooks an unconscious Molly up to an emergency power charger to keep her alive, then urges her to say something.
    Mac: Come on, insult me! I won't even get mad!
    Molly: (Stirs) Can you "bucket butt?" (groans)
    Mac: (Chuckles) I knew it! You just need to charge up for a while.
  • On a meta level, the fact that the Tremblays' Kickstarter campaign to help fund a Sequel Series collected almost three times its initial $50,000 goal from over 2,000 donors.
    • And the fact that Steven Universe probably helped the campaign start in the first place - it referenced it in its crossover episode with Uncle Grandpa and likely helped introduce the show to a new generation.


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