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  • From "Chaos In Crystal", among the fancifully named weapons, such as "Slicer Missile", "Banshee Missile" etc... is a button marked "Plain Old Missile". It has "From Razor With Love!" written on it.
  • "It's good to see something non-metallic. Even you."
  • From "Cry Turmoil":
    T-Bone: Hey, what took you so long?
    Razor: Didja have to kick me so hard?
  • In, "Mutation City" T-Bone falls off of their vehicles and into the flooded mutation city. Razor prepares to dive in while saying, "T-Bone, if you drown, I'll kill you."
    T-Bone: What do you think I am, stupid?
    Razor: Bingo!
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  • Also happens in "Night of the Dark Kat" where Razor manages to trap Hard Drive in an insulated missile. He and T-Bone tell Feral not to let him out of the missile.
    Feral: What do you think I am, stupid?
    Razor and T-Bone: Bingo!
  • In "Chaos in Crystal," when Shard shoots down the Kat's Eye News helicopter:
    Shard: No interviews!
  • In "Katastrophe", there was this little gem:
    • (Razor accidentally smacks T-Bone in the head while calibrating the cement gun on the TurboKat when Callie calls)
    Callie: He (Feral) still doesn't, so be careful. Feral's after your heads.
    T-Bone: So's Razor.
  • In the very first episode. "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice", he briefly rummages through Callie's purse while at the museum; he finds a tube of lipstick, then eats it. Plus Feral's comment- "Throw a net over that guy!"
    • And before that, the immortal line from the Enforcer pilots: "You have the right to remain buried!"
    • And the exchange with Mayor Manx's reaction to this latest crisis:
    Manx: (on phone with Feral) You won't do anything to my city hall until I find out who this kat is and what he wants! (hangs up)
    Callie: He's an 800-year old sorcerer with a mystical spellbook!
    Manx: Perfect.
  • Feral's unimpressed responses to Steele's sucking up in "The Wrath of Dark Kat":
    Feral: If I don't come back, you're in command, Lieutenant.
    Steele: I'm hardly worthy, Commander...!
    Feral: You can say that again.
    • In the beginning of the episode, Jake and Chance were facing each other down as if getting ready to fight each other. They tighten bandannas on their heads, slip on black leather gloves, and put on... napkins. It's then revealed they were preparing to play a version of a Drinking Game, but with raw chili peppers instead of drinks.
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    • Also from that episode, the Wire Dilemma aversion:
    Razor: Piece of cake, just remember, "always cut the red wire." [opens the bomb, sees they're all red] Augh, Dark Kat, you miserable psycho!
  • From "The Metallikats", Chance is busy trying to watch a Scaredy Kat marathon while Jake is trying to tell him about the Metallikats going after Mayor Manx- when he mentions Callie might be danger, Chance continues laughing, then he stops- a Beat, then Toon Physics kicks in, he runs off screen and is instantly suited up in his flight suit.
  • The revelation about Morbulus in "The Giant Bacteria":
    Razor: Whoa, he does have eyes in the back of his head!
    T-Bone: No excuses...!
  • The so-called shortcut Chance uses when returning to the garage, much to Jake's annoyance. It's just an incredibly bumpy road through a farm field.
  • The Metallikats surprisingly find something in common with Feral in "Metal Urgency".
    Mack: Wow, Molly! That Feral hates the SWAT Kats even more than we do!
    Molly: Why shouldn't he, Mack? Those two fighter jocks make him look stupid at least once a week!


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