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  • Both Adrien and Marinette's enthusiasm about being friends with Juleka after they learn that she knows their secrets. Juleka notes a number of times that she doesn't get why they want to hang out with her so much even outside of her role as Secret Keeper.
    • When Adrien first visits Juleka after finding out, he thanks her for showing concern about him getting hurt (an earlier chapter had her helping him cover up a bruise with makeup, which she reminds him of here), saying that he's not used to anyone checking up on him. It comes as a surprise to her, because she was half-expecting him to politely tell her to stay out of his business. Soon after, he learns that Juleka lied to Rose to get his cell number, saying that he agreed to help her study physics. He immediately offers to actually help her with it.
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    • Adrien inviting Juleka to hang out and play video games, and then, after coming back from an akuma battle, taking her for a ride around Paris as Chat Noir.
    • When Juleka asks why Marinette is scared of telling Chat Noir who she is.
    Marinette: I’m not like Ladybug is. He goes to our school; he probably knows what Marinette is like. What if he’s disappointed?
    Juleka: But… that’s ridiculous. No, it’s just that you are Ladybug.
    Marinette: Technically, yeah, but I’m better as Ladybug. I act differently.
    Juleka: No, you don’t.
    Marinette: Yes, I-
    Juleka: No. You are Ladybug, Marinette, with or without a mask. It’s so obvious. You’re both strong. You’re both independent. You’re both smart. In fact, it’s one of the things that convinced me it was you. The way you acted. You basically go full superhero any time you have to deal with Chloe.
    Marinette: Really?
    Juleka: (nods, along with Tikki) Chat won’t be disappointed. It’s pretty much impossible.
    • Both Adrien and Marinette coming to Juleka's aid when she sends them an SOS. When they find out that she's panicking over her first official date with Rose, they calm her down and help pick out an outfit for her, with Marinette managing to push past her awkwardness around Adrien in the process.
  • After Juleka accidentally comes out to Rose in Chapter 12, Rose finds the courage to tell Juleka she's in love with her.
    Rose: I don’t know when it happened, or how, or why. I don’t know what this says about my sexuality. I just know that I love you. I just know that I want to be more than friends with you, Juleka.
    It would probably be accurate to say that Rose had broken Juleka. In a way she certainly had. Broken the certainty that Juleka’s feelings would always be one sided. Broken the denial she had fostered. Broken the pattern of thinking she had constructed to deal with her unrequited love. It was all smashed to pieces (quite happily) with she loves me she loves me she loves me.
    Rose: Juleka? Are you o-
    Juleka: I love you too!
    Rose: You do? But you’ve never expressed any interest in… well, anybody.
    Juleka: How could I when you were around? You’re like the sun.
    • Juleka assuring Rose that no matter how close she gets to Adrien and Marinette, she's not leaving her behind.
    • Most of the class congratulating Rose and Juleka after they confirm that they're a couple.
  • Juleka comforting Rose's brother Lucas after they find out from the news that Rose has been akumatised, assuring him that Ladybug and Chat Noir won't hurt her.
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  • Juleka's interactions with Master Fu, who clearly cares more about her and what's upsetting her than her own parents. He even knows her well enough to recognise when she's not as upset as she thinks she is.
    Juleka: You always serve me Oolong when I’m upset.
    Master Fu: Are you upset, Juleka? When you first began to talk to me, Juleka, do you remember what you said?
    Juleka: I didn’t say a lot. But I think I told you stories then just like I do now.
    Master Fu: Yes and no. All your stories then were of an empty apartment and a girl you could not have and places you did not belong. All of your words ached and all you drank was Oolong. It stayed that way for a very long time. But now you tell me stories of new friends. Friends who insist that you spend time with them and trust you with their secrets and to help them when they are afraid. Friends that accidentally hurt you with how much they care for you. You tell me of a girl who loves you back. You may be tired and drawn out and confused, dear Juleka, but you are happier than I’ve ever seen you.
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  • Tom and Sabine being much more affectionate and welcoming to Juleka than her parents or Rose's, despite only having known Jules for a matter of weeks. When they find out how badly she's been neglected and that she'll probably be spending Christmas alone again, they immediately and without discussion invite her to join them.
  • Pretty much all of Juleka and Rose's Christmas Eve date, in particular when Juleka takes Rose to lunch with Master Fu, who she describes as the closest thing she has to real family aside from her.
  • The entirety of Chapter 22, in which Juleka spends Christmas with the Dupain-Chengs:
    • Tom and Sabine taking so much interest in her date with Rose, and their alarm when she mentions that it was interrupted by an Akuma attack.
    • When she and Juleka lie down to sleep after Réveillon, Marinette opens up about how seeing Juleka and Chat together on the roof that day really hit home for her. "You know him and it’s okay. And you know me and it’s okay and we could know each other and it’d probably be great, but I’m too damn scared to do anything even though he wants to know so badly, I know he does. We’re so close to each other all the time and yet we’re so far and it’s my fault and I just- I just don’t know what to do, Jules." In response, Juleka goes to her bag and gets out a painting she'd been planning to give her in private for Christmas: a watercolour of Marinette/Ladybug mid-transformation, a fierce and determined expression on her unmasked face.
    Juleka: This is how I see you. As both. You are stronger than you think you are.
    Marinette: (Hugging her) Thank you. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.
    Juleka: I can’t really tell you what to do. But you’ll figure it out. I know you will.
    • The next morning, Marinette insists on keeping the painting, even if it means she has to hide it.
    • Tom and Sabine's present to Juleka: her own ornament for their tree, a ceramic paint pallette, which reduces Juleka to tears of joy. In addition, they tell her she can take it home or leave with them for next year.
    Next year, she’d said, as if it was a given that Juleka would be coming for Christmas again, as if Juleka belonged here, as if she was a token part of their holidays. Juleka didn’t know what to do with that, didn’t know how to deal with that, so she made the executive decision to freak out about it later. Otherwise she would certainly start crying again and she’d only just stopped and she didn’t want any more crying to happen for at least a couple days.
    • Juleka's present to the Dupain-Chengs, a framed sketch of the three of them standing and laughing. "Juleka wasn’t sure she had quite captured the joy that frequently passed between the three of them, the mischievous gleam of their eyes, the obvious love and care that bounced from person to person effortlessly, ensnaring anyone lucky enough to be caught among them. However, the Dupain-Chengs were beaming at it like it was the best thing they’d ever seen, so it couldn’t have been all that bad." Indeed, they all pull her into a group hug.
  • So much of Chapter 23 as well:
    • Adrien and Marinette's entire interaction after they finally unmask for each other. Not quite a Relationship Upgrade, but they're both overjoyed by who the other is and Marinette has lost a lot of her crush-induced awkwardness.
    • Juleka inviting them both to stay for dinner after the reveal, making lasagne for the three of them and improvising a chocolate-camembert-orange cookie recipe for the Kwamis.
    • Tikki and Plagg's joy at being reunited, for probably the first time in years.
    • Master Fu and Wayzz asking Juleka to become holder of the Turtle Miraculous and the Guardian, assuring her that their relationship won't change if she refuses. Also, Tikki and Plagg both enthusiastically encouraging her in their own ways to reconsider her refusal, pointing out that she's basically doing the job already by helping Adrien and Marinette as much as she does.
  • In chapter 24, Lucas's joy when he learns that Juleka and Rose are dating, as well as Rose's mother's acceptance of her daughter's bisexuality.
    • Pretty much all of Rose and Juleka supporting each other after her father's less-than-accepting reaction, starting when Rose tells him that he doesn't get to talk to Juleka like that and angrily leaves the house with her, and Juleka brings her home for the night.
    • Marinette and Adrien showing up at Juleka's apartment to check on them after they don't turn up for school. When she finds out what's happened, Marinette declares that the three of them can share her parents, "since no one else's parents seem to be able to get it together." {Though Rose does stand up for her mother at this point.)
  • In chapter 26, Master Fu reiterating that he likes and cares about Juleka regardless of her turtle potential and whatever she decides about the miraculous, and making it clear that the same applies to her friends.
  • Alya and Marinette's reconciliation after the former's reaction to the latter's identity reveal.
  • Marinette, Adrien, Alya and Nino all showing their appreciation for what Juleka has done to keep their secrets. And while it was Innocently Insensitive of them, Adrien and Marinette's excitement about the possibility of Juleka joining them as a Miraculous holder.
  • After finding out that Juleka keeping their secrets is creating stress for her relationship with Rose, Adrien and Marinette both volunteer to tell Rose, with Tikki and Plagg agreeing that she's trustworthy.

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