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Heartwarming / Pokémon World Tour: United

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Episode 24 - Pokes and Rec: Stop Those Snovers

  • Pepper's evolution into Charmeleon.
    • There's a tense moment as the evolution happens, especially as Alan's narration reveals that Pepper is going from Creepy Cute to just plain creepy. Nobody is sure what the newly evolved Pepper is going to do... then he teleports to Rose and holds her hand, proving that Pepper is still Pepper, whatever else has happened. Cobalt is relieved as he had feared they were about to have to fight Pepper.
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    • Similar tension comes when Rose introduces Pepper the Ghost Charmeleon to Sakura. Sakura is scared and needing Rose to hold her... then Pepper boops Sakura's snout with his and all is well.

Episode 25 - Night Of Reflection: A Vermilion Skyline!

  • In the episode's intermission, the cast gets together, reminisces on the one-year anniversary of the podcast, and thanks everyone for listening.

Episode 60 - Rose Vs. Acantha! A Bold New Direction?

  • After Rose defeats Acantha, earning her the right to own Bango without any impropriety about how she got Bango hanging over her any longer, Rose calls Bango over and makes it absolutely clear how much he means to her.
    Rose: Bango, buddy, I want you to know that If there were a thousand versions of this world, in every single one I would have stolen you.

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