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Episode 11 — New Friends, Old Enemies! Clash At Pewter Gym!

  • When Rose gets fed up with the cameras being on her, she flips them off to make them go away. Scramble sees this, looks at the the little flippers Togepi have instead of fingers, and tries to mimic Flipping the Bird. Kent regards that as Actually Pretty Funny.
    Kent: I can not condone that, but it was adorable.

Episode 16 — Roses's Rival! Journey Into Mt. Moon

  • Josh sends Alan into a laughing fit with the phrase "Friendship Jerky is magic!". This phrase also prompts Alan to describe a Rapidash with a piece of jerky decorating its right flank.

Episode 39 — Running A-Muk Trouble At The Power Plant

  • Rose ponders what would happen if the Jennys lost their jobs as police officers. Rose offhandedly suggests janitors. Cobalt responds by suggesting "Jenitors".

Episode 41 — His Day in Court: The People Vs. Brian Bryan

  • Rose leaves the majority of her Pokemon at the Pokemon Center while she and Cobalt go to court to be witnesses in Brian's trial. Twice we cut back to see what they're up to. The first time Pepper, who Rose said is in charge, is just standing there while all the rest of her Pokemon are huddled in the corner in terror. The second time, we check in on the Ditto TBD trying out different combo forms.

Episode 45 — Badges In The Dark! Enter: Interim Gym Leader Emma

  • Biscuit becomes an In-Universe Memetic Mutation after Emma's Emolga interviews them during the stream.
  • During the Gym Battle, which Emma is streaming, the characters look at the stream chat and see a user named "Toge Toge Togepi" whose messages say "Toge Toge Toge Star-Emoji Swirly-Emoji Toge". Rose quickly realizes her Pokedex is missing and, sure enough, Scramble has it and is typing into the chat. Everyone's quick to Lampshade that the Running Gag of Pokémon Speak extending to writing also apparently extends to typing, despite the fact that the keyboard should have actual letters on it and should result in something besides Togepi's name.
    Josh: I love that she's just randomly hitting it and "Toge Toge Toge" is coming out.

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