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Heartwarming / Pokémon Heroes

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Bianca? Latias? Either way; d'aww.

  • Whether it's romantic or not, Ash and Latias's interactions are heartmeltingly adorable.
  • More like Crowning Moment of Cute. After Ash and Latias start playing together, Latios flies over to Pikachu. Pikachu shrinks away from him, then as Latios starts moving his head towards Pikachu, Pikachu shuts his eyes. It turns out that Latios just licks his face to make up for attacking him earlier.
  • While it's never clarified whether it was Bianca or Latias-disguised-as-Bianca, Ash does receive one of very few kisses he has received over the series in this movie.
  • Arguably Annie showing a little sympathy for Latios getting out of the DMA. While she does cause the circumstances getting him into danger and get killed this time immediately afterwards, it was by accident.
  • Annie and Oakley's pokemon waiting for them outside of the prison in the closing credits (whether or not this is touching, somewhat sad or both might depend on how long the sisters are going to spend in jail).
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  • The two Latios seen flying with Latias at the end are generally believed to be the spirits of her brother and father.


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