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Annie and Oakley aren't members of team Rocket, but they were hired by Giovanni
OK, so in the original Annie and Oakley are just freelance thieves with no connection whatsoever to Team Rocket or any other major criminal group. They don't wear Team Rocket uniforms, and their dub names aren't based on a historical "villain" (i.e. Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Attila the Hun). But the dub does mention that they were assigned a mission by Giovanni. What are we to make of this?Giovanni wanted the Soul Dew, but instead sending members of Team Rocket to steal it, he hired two experienced mercenaries who could get the job done more easily. Of course, they were arrested before they could deliver it to him and receive their pay.This also conveniently explains why they were reading about Lawrence III in prison during the end credits. Presumably he, too, has a history with them and has enlisted their services at some point.

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