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  • Ren giving Kali his third bottle of milk. And mind you, Ren’s milk is Serious Business. Especially the third one.
  • Yoh and Kali’s relationship. They've known for a long time that they're Not Blood Siblings, but they choose to ignore that fact because they like being each other’s siblings so much.
  • Kali is one of the few people whom Anna has informed of her pregnancy. Kali asks why she told her, and Anna replies that it’s because she’s family. Especially heartwarming since in the previous chapter, things were a bit heated between them after Anna told her that she’s not really blood.
    • Yoh telling Kali that blood doesn’t make them family.
  • Ren taking Kali to a pet store to look at bunnies after hours.
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  • Ren telling a tipsy Kali, albeit somewhat indirectly, that he would protect her if anything were to happen.
  • Ren changed his accent because he thought Kali didn't like it. When Kali assured him otherwise, he immediately reverted back to his old accent and acted like nothing happened.
  • Kali is upset when she learns that her father knows nothing about her true identity, and Mikihisa replies by telling her that he does know who she is.
    Mikihisa: You’re Asakura Katsumi.
  • Ren was the first one who went looking for Kali after she had a nasty temper tantrum, and though his words were not exactly gentle, he still comforted her one way or another. Then he gave her a rubber band to tie her hair with, as she's not being herself if she doesn't have her in a ponytail.
    • Ren has done it again. He told Kali that the reason she slipped on the mud and fell on her ass was because she wasn't herself yet—her hair wasn't in a ponytail yet. He gave her another rubber band, causing Kali to question why he carries them around.
  • Yoh and Kali making up after their fight. And to a milder extent, Kali finally coming clean about what she knows about Hao (though she has Mikihisa do all the hard parts for her).
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  • Ren breaks down in Kali's arms after confiding in her about the guilt haunting him regarding Chrom's death. The next day, Kali, concerned, goes looking for him in her pajamas right after waking up. After a run-in with Hao, she finds him and she manages to get him to talk by opening up about her own self. It's a nice little development in their relationship, and Kali assuring Ren that what he did doesn't change how she feels about him is especially heartwarming.
  • Any time Ren and Kali give each other a bottle of milk.
    • This troper especially likes the example in Chapter 15. Kali woke up to a bottle of milk on her nightstand with a note saying "You crazy bitch." It has her smiling for the rest of the day.
  • Ren admitting to Kali that he wouldn't mind if she were in his future.
  • Ren telling Kali that his type is "someone shorter than me and not very annoying", which is exactly how Kali described herself just earlier.
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  • The fact that Yoh is okay with losing sleep and becoming fatigued due to taking care of his pregnant fiancée because, according to Kali, he loves her.
  • Kali realizing that the reason Ren keeps engaging her in physical fights is because it's the only way he knows how to spend time with her. They soon find a better alternative.
  • Ren admitting that Kali has 'nice lips', which is why he likes kissing her.
  • Ren giving Kali his yellow scarf. It's a typically small gesture, but considering it's Ren, it's pretty huge.
  • In Chapter 20, it's obvious that Kali had changed drastically after joining Hao. To put things in perspective, she ditched Chi for new spirits, dismissed a sentimental letter from her mother and doesn't give a damn when it gets ripped to pieces, ignores her friends and doesn't even go to see them during the holidays (no, not even Yoh), and she generally just starts acting a lot more haughtier, even for Ren's standard. But some things apparently never change, because she still can't help but smile when she sees that "pointy purple bob of hair".
  • Despite everything that's happened, Ren still gives Kali a Christmas gift. (It's secondhand, but still, it's the thought that counts.)
    • It turns out it's not secondhand. That right there itself is pretty heartwarming, but the meaning behind the brooch definitely takes the cake.
    Jun: Pai Long, can you believe it? My baby brother's in love.
  • "I would do anything for you."
    • He later stays true to his word, as when he finds Kali with a dead body, he insists on taking the blame. Kali convinces him not to because she 'loves him too much to let him do that'. And the fact that Ren is actually afraid of what's going to happen to Kali when people find out what she did. He may not have said it out loud, but Ren obviously loves her.
  • Mikihisa seems to approve of Ren and Kali's relationship (or whatever it is that they have). And he even called Kali the girl that Ren loves, which was obviously meant to faze him, but Ren just smirked and didn't even try to protest or deny it or anything. That right there is pretty heartwarming too.
    • On that note, Mikihisa doesn't even refer to Kali by name. He called her Katsumi, and a confused Ren asked him who the hell that was and when he told him that it was 'the girl he loved', Ren immediately knew who he was talking about.
  • Kali disobeyed Hao's orders because she kept sensing that something was wrong, so she went looking for Ren.
  • After getting resurrected, the first person Ren wanted to see was Kali. Except Yoh got in the way.
    • In the same chapter, Ren, from the afterlife, sees Kali crying over his dead body and he openly admits (albeit no one can hear him) that it's breaking his heart. Later that night, Ren even freaking apologizes for making her cry.
  • Kali saves Hao's life...and he almost seems thankful.


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