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  • Kali is drunk and asks Ren if something else grows when his tongari does.
    Ren: That’s it, you’ve had enough alcohol for one night.
  • In a flashback scene, ten-year-old Hao is showing Kali around his and his followers’ site near the Matagawa River when suddenly Kali tells him she has to pee—it was the first time Kali had seen him so flustered.
  • Ren biting Kali’s ear after Kali had told him, out of annoyance, to ‘bite me'. And his line right after it:
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  • When Kali got her first period, she ends up thinking about it later that night while she’s talking to Hao. Hao reads her mind and laughs at her. She is certifiably embarrassed.
  • Kali poking Ren. And then trying to feed him fries.
  • Ren and Kali’s first kiss, which was a spontaneous Smooch of Victory.
    • And Kali’s reactions when Ren kisses her again twice after.
  • Ren threatening to kill Kali if she looked out the helicopter window (his father was riding his big oversoul with supportive banners for Ren alongside them). Of course, Kali didn’t listen, and Ren came close to keeping his word.
    • And right afterward, Yoh, genuinely pleased, asked them when they became such great friends.
  • Kali and Horohoro about Ren:
    Kali: Can I stab him?
    Horohoro: Not in public.
  • Kali lying down on Ren’s lap, thinking he’s Yoh. Both of them were properly embarrassed.
    Kali: You’re not Yoh.
    Ren: No, I’m not.
  • A bit of dark comedy was thrown in in one chapter: Magna, thinking Kali was going to die, comes into her room with a bodybag and tries to hide it when he realizes she’s awake.
  • Kali desperately trying to make Chi's talismans work and barely succeeding.
    • And the scene after that, when she gave Ren the key to the chains restraining him with her mouth. And Kali being offended when he wiped his mouth afterwards.
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  • Horohoro comes back after a week of being missing and Ren is so angry that he flips the whole table over—all Kali cares about is her pancake on the floor.
  • Lyserg is possessed by Blamuro, Boris the Vampire’s spirit, and has his arm around Kali’s neck, ready to sink his teeth in. The others are busy contemplating a way to get out of the situation and Kali very frantically yells at them to stop thinking and help her.
    Kali: That's great that everybody's using their brains and all, but all I really want right now is for Lyserg to get his freaking hands off me. I don't even want to hear any of you speculating—just help me for God's sakes!
  • When Lyserg pulled his pants down to prove he was a boy and Kali was so flustered that she didn’t even know if it was Yoh or Chi who covered her eyes.
  • Kali to Ren: "I can't imagine you looking at someone the way...I don't know, the way Ryu looks at Lyserg."
  • In the first chapter, Kali tries challenging Anna in a glaring match and subsequently fails.
    • In the same chapter, Kali tells Yoh that he's going to be a good henpecked husband, which makes him smile, until Anna informs him that that wasn't a compliment.
  • Ren's own peculiar way of being romantic: force feeding Chinese cuisine down Kali's throat.
  • Ren and Kali judging each other's food choices. Kali bought chocolate, sour cream and potato chips. Ren bought milk and instant noodles.
    • And when Ren tries to argue that zhajiangmian is different, we get this exchange:
    Kali: How is that different?
    Ren: It just is.
    • And this actually prompts Chi to ask if they're flirting. Kali and Ren respond by giving her death glares; even Bason is terrified.
  • Ren and Kali stop making out for one second to have the following exchange. Ren just enjoys any opportunity to annoy Yoh.
    Ren: Would your brother be pissed if he knew the things I do to you?
    Kali: Considering the things you do to me, then yes, probably.
    Ren: Good.
    • And keep in mind that they’re both smirking during this conversation. This was clearly meant to be some type of foreplay.
  • Kali tinkering with idea of having feelings for Hao and constituting it as liking one violent sociopath after another. Yeah, Kali obviously really has a thing for bad boys.
  • In the first chapter, Kali flees the house but it's not explicitly stated why. Some hints are dropped and it's possible to pick up on them if you've read the manga. Later, Kali finds out Anna is pregnant and her fleeing the house in the middle of the night makes a little more sense.
  • This conversation:
    Ren: I'm nothing to [Yoh]. I'm not even his lover.
    Kali: Do you want to be his lover?
    Ren: No, all things considered, I'd rather be yours.
    Kali: Smooth.
    • The rest of this conversation borders onto Tearjerker territory, since it's essentially just the two of them confiding in each other about how they don't think they're the most important to anyone. Then it moves into Heartwarming territory when Kali assures Ren that he's the most important person to her, and indirectly tells him that she loves him (for the first time). Ren doesn't say it back, but eh, what do you expect?
  • Mikihisa taunting Ren throughout their 'training', and at one point, Ren's potty mouth prompts Mikihisa to ask him, "Do you kiss my daughter with that mouth?" Ren's response was gold:
    Ren: (smirking) Yes. Yes I do.
    • Then follows another funny moment with Horohoro and Chocolove's disgusted reactions.
    • Speaking of which, there was also this gem:
    Chocolove: Ren is in love with someone?
    Horohoro: Chocolove, you idiot! It's Kali!
  • Kali has been almost completely stoic since Ren was killed. She doesn't even react when Ren comes to see her. What finally snaps her out of it? Finding out that Ren kissed Jeanne (technically Shamash). She nearly crushes Ren's windpipe. He enjoys it though.


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