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Heartwarming / Overcomingthe Clashing Tides

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  • When Alex tells Drake off, showing that she really loves and cares for her brother.
    Alex: "Because I care about you, idiot! Listen to me, Drake! Don't you dare think that you're the only hurting! What about Lewis, huh? He just lost two members of his family! Don't make this all about you! You weren't the only one that cared for Maria and Ashley! Jay may be denying it at the moment, but he loves Ashley the way you love Maria! Lizzie was practically Maria's sister! How do you think she's coping? Just because she keeps on that ridiculous cheery smile on her face twenty-four/seven doesn't mean that she isn't hurting at all. And I- Ashley was friend. And it kills me on the inside to see you so depressed. Don't become like Dad when his dad left after Grandmother's death. Please... This isn't you.
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  • The Duskshipping scene where Jet promises to not let anyone hurt her anymore.
  • Ashley and Maria's talk after Maria broke down into tears in front of everyone.
  • The reason why Ashley has a scar. She was protecting Maria from nearly being raped.
  • Jay comforting Ashley with a hug.
    • But the reason why she needs to be comforted is a Tear Jerker...
  • Ashley and Maria's talk in the tent.
  • Any moment between Tony and Rory.

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