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Heartwarming / Our Mutual Friend

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The book:

  • Bella stands up for John when Mr. Boffin, who's apparently become a miser, insults and dismisses John for daring to propose to Bella. And then she leaves the Boffins and goes home. It makes it clear how much character development she's gone through since she met the Boffins.
  • At the end, Twemlow defends Eugene and Lizzie's marriage when the Veneerings and their "friends" mock it. Mortimer shakes his hand afterward.
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  • The Boffins in general. Rather than hoarding their newfound wealth, they are determined to use it to help others.

The 1998 series:

  • Mortimer worries that Eugene might regret marrying Lizzie. Eugene makes it clear that he doesn't.
    Eugene: My wife is somewhat nearer to my heart than society is. So if I should ever think to hide her away, then [...] she would've done better that night I lay bleeding to death to turn me over with her foot and spit in my face. Go and find out what society thinks of me, my dear fellow, if it will make you feel any better. As for myself, come hell or damnation, I really couldn't care less.


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