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Heartwarming / Otherland

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  • If you've read all the way through, you're surely wondering what Olga Pirovsky has to do with J Corp, the Other, and all the other mysterious nastiness that's been going on. Certainly there have been clues seeded throughout the novels, but it isn't until the climactic reveal that we learn the truth: the Other is her son, stolen from her at birth and imprisoned in a satellite as the "brain" of Otherland's operating system. And his name is Daniel.
    • And just before he dies, he experiences her unconditional love. Probably the only time he's ever gotten anything from anyone apart from fear and loathing.
  • Long Joseph expressing annoyed surprise that anyone might not realise he was proud of his daughter. Apparently it just never occurred to him that it needed to be stated. Also the fact that he tells Renie near the end that he wants to rebuild their relationship, something that makes Renie herself struggle to keep up her tough facade.

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