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  • Their cover of The Last Unicorn is incredibly mellow and beautiful, surprising many fans.
  • Their cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World follows in this vein. The video is even more touching, seeing Danny and Brian both out of character in street clothes, dancing and hugging each other.
    YouTube Comment: The best thing about this is that we don't see Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian, we see Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht.
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  • Their concert in Chicago had some big moments. One was Danny's affirmation of how to make the world a better place: "Love everyone. Forgive everyone. Especially yourself."
  • Another from their Chicago concert was, when Danny revealed that his parents were among the attendees of the concert, the crowd barely skipped a beat before starting up a chant of "AVI! AVI! AVI!" - and repeated it when Danny reiterated his parents being there, after receiving several bras being thrown on stage.
  • Danny Don't You Know is a Pep-Talk Song in which Danny tells his younger self that his life will get much better when he grows up and tells him of how great he is on the inside.
  • Shortly after the release of Cool Patrol, Danny and Brian put out a 'Thank You' video on their channel. What makes this video heartwarming is when Brian reveals that he and Danny were afraid that after two cover albums released, they were worried that fans wouldn't want to hear their original music anymore. The strong sales of their latest album obviously put those fears to rest.

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