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Heartwarming / New Super-Man

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  • Kenan's relationship with Superman during the entirety of issue #10. It ends with Superman giving him a "lift" to the airport.
    Kenan: (narrating) Normally, getting flown around by my armpits is pretty embarrassing. But this time? Not so much. Maybe because it feels like a preview of the future. My future.
  • After a brief misunderstanding, the Justice League of China chat with the Justice League of America. Peng Deilan and Wonder Woman talk about mutual friends and bond, Avery gives The Flash a superspeed hug (since Avery and Barry are already well acquainted with each other), while Batman critiques Baixi in his usual harsh style, but it's pretty evident the former wants the latter to be up to snuff.
    Batman: Listen, the first time I used my grappling hook, it went through a civilian window. Prepare your equipment like your life depends on it. Always choose function over flashiness. It's the only way operatives like you and me can survive among the metahumans.

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