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Heartwarming / Naruto Hiden

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    Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky 

    Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness 
  • Mirai, Asuma and Kurenai's daughter, treating Shikamaru like her big brother.
  • Temari is worried about Shikamaru, so she asks Gaara's permission to investigate the matter. He agrees and offers her a bunch of Suna shinobi as backup, saying that Shikamaru is important to the Shinobi Union, so they can't let him die.
  • Naruto is also worried about Shikamaru and the way he's been acting lately. Sakura tells him that he has nothing to worry about, since Shikamaru is doing all that so that Naruto can become Hokage. Naruto replies that this is precisely why he's worried.
  • Temari's Get A Hold Of Yourself Man rant breaking Shikamaru out of Gengo's genjutsu in a single instant.
  • Ino, at considerable risk to her own mind, diving very deep into Sai's mind to bring him out of the genjutsu, her growing feelings for him and understanding of his pain motivating her.
  • Shikamaru finally asks Temari out, and her wide grin as she replies with his favorite Catch Phrase: "how troublesome".
  • The epilogue of the novel has Shikamaru and Temari looking down at their newborn son and wondering what they should name him.

    Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze 
  • Sakura and Ino have spent the last two years setting up a clinic for the children who were affected by the War.
  • Sakura is walking around the village and runs into Naruto and Hinata, who are out on a date. After exchanging greetings, he quietly asks her advice, about whether it's alright to have lunch with Hinata at Ichiraku instead of the fancy restaurant he had chosen at first (but couldn't afford). She assures him he's doing fine. The friendship between Naruto and Sakura is stronger than ever; also, Naruto is really trying to make Hinata happy.

    Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding 
  • None of Naruto and Hinata's friends is content with a run-of-the-mill gift. They're all determined to find the best wedding gift possible no matter what.
  • Shikamaru's chapter has him apologize to Temari for not being able to win her bigger prizes at the fake kunai galley. She grins at him in return and replies that the two small prizes he won are just the right size for carrying back to Suna.
  • Teuchi offering a bowl of ramen to the little boy he'd seen walking outside his store the past few days. He's noticed that the boy was always alone, so he thought that it would be nice to offer him some food. After the boy slurps down his dinner, he gives a big smile to the ramen-maker and introduces himself: Naruto Uzumaki.
    • Teuchi setting one of his customers straight by angrily yelling that as long as Naruto wanted to eat at Ichiraku Ramen, Teuchi would not turn him away. After all, that warm bowl of ramen probably means the world to the little boy who has no parents and is ostracised by the other villagers. And if any of his customers have a problem with that, they're free to never set foot in his store again.
  • Naruto asks Iruka to come to his wedding. As his father.
  • Kiba and Shino's two chapters have a lot of these:
    • They ask Kurenai's advice on finding a truly great wedding gift for Hinata; all three of them give it some serious thought before deciding to find a rare wine, something truly unique. All the more heartwarming because they call it "Team 8's last mission".
    • They comment on how Naruto and Hinata's habits and likes are so similar, from the food they like to their hobbies with plants: Naruto talks to them while watering them and Hinata likes to collect pressed flowers.
    • They also note that Naruto started to develop healthier eating habits since he became a couple with Hinata. At some point, he even boasted that he had started eating vegetables. Keep in mind that in Part I, Naruto rejected Kakashi's order to eat more of them, and in one of the databooks, his least favorite food is listed as "fresh/uncooked vegetables."
  • Naruto and Hinata's interaction right before their wedding.

    Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage 
  • Hakuto had heard about "Gaara of the Desert" and was really worried about what kind of person he would be. But after hearing Gaara excitedly talking about his cacti, she's relieved he turned out to be so kind. Gaara, the former terror child, is stunned someone would use that word to describe him.
  • Gaara does something he knows is reckless by rushing to save Shijima instead of escaping the quicksand whirlpool when he had the chance. When she asks him why would he, the Kazekage, whose reputation depended on rescuing Hakuto, choose to save someone as unimportant as her, he gets furious at her words. To him, every life is equally precious and he would do anything to protect those lives. He knows it's irrational, but he just can't act any other way; he notes it's all Naruto's influence.
    • Shijima decides to do something just as reckless and shares with him her past; specifically, the fact that she was once Orochimaru's test subject. In the world of Shinobi, that kind of blind trust is foolish -at best.
  • Shikamaru revealing in the very last chapter that he's been there the whole time, keeping an eye on Gaara and saving Temari from collapsing. His comment that Gaara has turned out to be a very troublesome brother is made all the more sweeter when Gaara points out that Shikamaru had been keeping an eye on Gaara's marriage meeting even before he asked him for help.
  • Gaara telling Temari that she deserves to find her own happiness after all she's done for Suna.

    Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom 


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