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This Page Contains Unmarked Spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

Nanny McPhee
  • In the first movie, the whole ending was Heartwarming especially with Nanny McPhee bowing to the mother's chair in the study.
  • Nanny McPhee taking the kids to the beach in the first movie, using her magic to untangle Sebastian's kite strings and calling him sweetheart.
    • Also her cheering the children up after they ask their father to read to them and he is too busy. Knowing they have learned their lesson about getting up when they are told, she asks Evangeline to make them something nice to eat.
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  • A moment in the first film with all the Brown children and Cedric. Sebastian asks if he thinks their mother still thinks about them where she is.
    Cedric: I'm sure she does. (beat) I know she does.
  • Mr Brown hugging Chrissie in relief after he thinks Aunt Adelaide has taken her away. He was so desperate to get her back that he actually ran after Aunt Adelaide's departing carriage. After he knows she is okay the rest of the children follow and he quickly checks to make sure they're all there.
  • When Evangeline returns with Aunt Adelaide in a fine dress and a nicer hairdo, the children are astonished to find her former housemaid looking like a princess. Cue Cedric's completely deadpan statement:

Nanny McPhee Returns
  • Megsie comforting Celia by giving her some of her own best clothes to wear.
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  • The cousins quickly learned to work together to collect the missing piglets. They learned so quickly, Nanny McPhee has to enchant the pigs to make the task a bit harder.
  • The family enjoys a picnic with some of the extra money they earned from selling the piglets and ginger beer (ginger ale to those in the US). Mr. and Mrs. Docherty even join them in the fun.
  • Cyril joins his cousin Norman in seeking out Cyril's father to see if Norman's father is truly dead, and later passionately defends his aunt's marriage to her lower class husband to Cyril's father.
  • We see that the children Nanny McPhee raised not only remember her, but pretty much squee when they see her again. A stoic guard in London breaks down in Tears of Joy at the sight of her and admits that he can't lie when she asks him if he still eats his vegetables, and we find out that Baby Aggie from the first movie, even all grown up and forgetful, is happy to give Nanny McPhee a place to stay.
  • As Nanny McPhee leaves, the children's dad returns. Especially heartwarming, considering that she only leaves when they do not need her anymore, and they truly don't: Their family is back together again.
    • Not to mention, the father hugs his niece and nephew and is just as happy to see them as his own children. Compare this to their own father, whose idea of a heartwarming reconciliation is a firm handshake, and it's incredibly sweet.

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