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Heartwarming / Napoleon Dynamite

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  • After Napoleon does his awesome dance to convince the school to vote for Pedro, the entire school auditorium bursts into a thunderous applause, giving Napoleon and Pedro a standing ovation.
  • Deb and Napoleon at the end playing tetherball together.
    • "I caught you a delicious bass."
  • In its own way, Kip's "Always and Forever" song to LaFawnduh. It's horrifically awkward, but it makes her smile.
    • Their relationship in general is very cute. He's a dorky, white man from Preston, Idaho while she's a gorgeous black woman from Detroit, Michigan and yet they are head-over-heels in love with each other. Kip even becomes nicer to Napoleon once they finally meet in person.
  • Even though Pedro is a bit awkward and dorky, his polar opposite older cousins are extremely protective and helpful, going so far as to threaten a bully for bothering another dorky kid, giving Napoleon a ride, and putting a "Vote 4 Pedro" decal on their car. They look legitimately proud at Pedro's party.