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Heartwarming / My Dinner with Andre

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  • For all their arguments and disagreement throughout the film, at the end Andre insists on paying for the meal - and despite saying he's had nothing but bills to pay, with Debbie having to wait tables to help out, Wally is fully prepared to pay for his meal.
  • Wally's final lines, where he muses along his taxi ride home about the fond memories he has of places he grew up along that route. And when he gets home, he tells Debbie all about his dinner with Andre.
    • The opening of the film had him complaining that at age 36, he was already a money-obsessed adult struggling to make a living as an artist, and had no time for taxis or higher aspirations. His dinner with Andre gave him a new sense of life, and he's able to ride in a taxi and muse about life for the first time since he was a kid.

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