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Heartwarming / My Fair Lady

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  • Freddy may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but "Here on the Street Where You Live" is a very sweet, heartwarming song.
  • When Eliza feels rejected and slighted by Henry who takes all the credit for her introduction to high society, Henry's mother, who had previously viewed Eliza with some doubtful disdain, is there for that former flower girl to talk to, and the Grande Dame supports her all the way.
    "You not only danced with a prince last night, you behaved like a princess."
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  • Eliza and Henry's reconciliation at the very end: we only see a few seconds but we know two things. One, Henry knows he can't take things for granted anymore. Two, while much has changed, the humor will remain very much the same.
    Henry: (realizes she's walked in) Eliza? (indulges in a mischievous smile) Where the devil are my slippers?
    Eliza: (gives an indulgent smile)


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