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Heartwarming / My Brother, My Brother and Me

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Quite a few. The McElroys are good, sweet, soft boys.

  • In Episode 182, Justin and Travis share a little moment when they start singing "Return to Pooh's Corner" and Justin begins to tear up a bit. It's kind of a nice look at how much these boys love each other.
  • Not MBMBAM-specific, but in all their projects, the McElroys do their best to be inclusive and accepting of all their fans, and quickly apologize whenever they accidentally say or do something hurtful. This article goes into detail about how the brothers' accepting attitudes help make the show uplifting and comforting, and has its own heartwarming quotes about MBMBAM's importance.
    Podcasts are an inherently intimate medium—a voice not just in our ears but in our head, because that’s where the sound locates itself when you listen on headphones. The hosts start to feel like your friends. The McElroy brothers escalate that feeling—it’s not a friendship you’re sitting in on, but family. Family that is witty and fast, determined to make them and you laugh, and—and this is not a trait all real families even offer!—genuinely concerned about not hurting your feelings.
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  • The last episode of the TV show ends with the boys just sitting together on a stage talking about how much they love each other and how glad they are that they got to make this show together. It gets so emotional that Justin actually starts crying, so Travis rubs his back while he and Griffin crack jokes to cheer him up.
  • A subtle example that even fans might not have noticed—they've mostly stopped using words like "crazy" or "insane", often cited by mental health advocates as an example of ableist language, as it uses mental illness in and of itself as an insult. At the same time, they started using the arguably-funnier "buckwild" in places where words like crazy or insane might commonly be used. They never drew attention to the change, and it might just be a branding or humor decision, but it would fit entirely that they decided to find an alternate term.
    • Along the same lines, starting in their 2018 live shows, they've also encouraged question askers to give pronouns if they want to, but not made it a big deal.
  • In 2016-2017, the MBMBaM Angels raised enough money to buy 20+ beds for impoverished kids in Huntington, WV (where the Mc Elroys grew up). Justin is so moved that he's audibly crying.
  • On the Jonah Ray episode, his talk about Har Mar Superstar playing "The Power of Love" at Jonah's wedding...not knowing that Thomas F. Wilson, Biff Tannen himself, was in attendance. Despite the film being a bit of a Berserk Button for him (one can only be called a 'butthead' so many times before it becomes grating), he actually jumped on stage and sang along with them!
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  • Possibly a joke, but an offhand comment in episode 435 implies that Jimmy Buffett is a bit cross with Al Roker for his roast of them at the Escape To Margaritaville red (well, blue) carpet. (The boys were not so much offended as they were caught completely off-guard and, later, impressed.) Apparently he really was just trying to be nice and not trolling them.
  • In the commentary for episode 2 of the TV show, Justin interrupts everyone else to yell, "God, how beautiful is my wife?!" when the camera cuts to a closeup on Sydnee.


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