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Heartwarming / Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

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  • John realising he is not capable of shooting Jane and putting his gun down. Which allows Jane to also let her façade drop.
    • Especially when you realize that for most, if not all of the fight, they've both been hoping the other would win. In fact, it seems like for most of the entire time since they realized the truth about what the other one does, they've both been trying to talk themselves into actually killing the other person - the closest either one gets to actually making the kill is when Jane slips a bomb into John's coat.
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  • When Eddie realizes that his employers are gunning for his best friend, he refuses to follow suit.
    John: So, where do you stand?
    Eddie: Where do I stand? [beat] I find myself dragging my feet this morning. Besides, I think you owe me a little money anyway.
  • Likewise, Jane's girls show a bit of loyalty to her as well, even after Jane gets burned.


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