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Heartwarming / Monster Chronicles

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While the darkness in this story is the most prominent element, this Dark Fic series can have moments that can be heartwarming.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Duncan's reform in this story. In canon he went from a Jerk with a Heart of Gold to a complete Jerkass when he cheated on his girlfriend with their mutual friend, and though their relationship was unhealthy, and Duncan was not completely wrong wanting to get out of it, he was ultimately remorseless for the damage he caused. Then next season it implied the spark between him and Gwen was gone with them lacking much chemistry and affection at the start of All-Stars, and Duncan's attempts to get Courtney's attention eventually causes Gwen to break up with Duncan. And when Duncan becomes kinder after being place on the Heroes team, he rejected being good and decided to blow up Chris' "cottage" in "You Regatta Be Kidding Me!, which gets him sent to jail instead of juvenile hall. In this story after realizing how dumb caring for his bad boy rep is when there's a serial killer on the loose, he decides that stopping Cedric is more important then being seen as a bad boy, even performing a Heel–Face Turn. By Malevolence, Duncan has become nicer, become friends with Cody, broke up with Gwen but stay friends with her, got a new girlfriend, embraces being a better person, and turns his life around, unlike his canon counterpart.

     Voodoo's Disciple 

  • Duncan and Harold officially bury the hatchet.


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