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  • Complete Monster: Cedric von Túfeice is an undead demon. In life, he killed his mother and became a Serial Killer known as the Zodiac Killer. He was killed when a school bus he was planning to shoot the tires off ran him over. Upon being sent to Hell, he stroke up a deal with Baron Samedi. Baron loaned him a veve talisman, and the power of voodoo, in exchange for Cedric feeding him souls. Upon being revived inside an empty Coke bottle a young Cody found, he convinced Cody to let him use his body, which he used to commit murders, leaving a 10/6 Calling Card by his victims' corpses; he was dubbed The Mad Hatter Killer. He had claimed the lives of over a hundred victims—including Tyler's pregnant mother—before being sealed up by Cody. Six years later, during Total Drama World Tour, he is released, and again taking over Cody's body, he seals Cody's soul inside a potato battery and enters the game under his identity. When Alejandro tries to eliminate him, he frames Al for wrecking Chris's private lounge, and brutally kills him. Over the course of the season, he kills hundreds of officers and soldiers, and causes several eliminations. In the season finale, he stowes away on the plane waiting to arrive in New Orleans, where he plans to find a tapestry that he will use to open a white hole that will plunge the world into utter chaos.


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