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Heartwarming / McAuslan

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  • MacNeill frets that he doesn't seem to have been accepted by his platoon, until the night he's stuck as duty officer on New Years Eve and his men on their own initiative come to share a drink with him.
  • Ellen Ramsay blundered into The City Narrows on her first time out shopping in town after arriving in-country. Some Arab thugs accost her, but McAuslan arrives and beats one of them up. Thereafter, every single time Ellen went to do her shopping, McAuslan was there accompanying her, beginning a rather informal courtship.
    • One day, out of the blue, McAuslan proposes to Ellen. In light of a slew of factors (namely, her parents' approval, and the fact that she has been constantly romantically pursued for quite some time now), she turns him down. However, she readily acknowledges that even among all her other suitors, McAuslan's simple-minded, almost innocent sincerity was quite something else.
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  • Moments after MacNeill and McAuslan have been demobilised, the latter is in trouble with the police. MacNeill realises this is Somebody Else's Problem as they're both civilians and he's no longer McAuslan's commanding officer...then goes to help him anyway.

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