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Heartwarming / Marik Plays Bloodlines

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  • From a certain point of view, Bakura's roundabout way of showing he cares for Marik.
    Marik: You like stupid things!
    Bakura: Yes I do, Marik. Yes I do.
    • Not to mention that (at least from a platonic standpoint) the feeling's mutual.
    Bakura: You're an idiot.
    Marik: (insanely cheerful) Ah, but we're friends!
  • Bakura sitting in Marik's lap during part 2 of Slender: The Arrival. When Marik asks why he doesn't just sit in another chair, Bakura mutters that he doesn't like them as much. Until Slenderman scares them both and Bakura accidentally gives Marik a Groin Attack.
  • In general, the two of them just hanging out and being friendly. They bicker, and sure, Bakura isn't exactly subtle all the time about his feelings (hormones?) but the fact is, it's obvious they're friends. There's an air of mostly content familiarity to their more casual conversations, such as arguing about Endor, which honestly just sounds like a pair of nerdy friends bickering lightly.
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  • At the end of the Voerman questline, when Jeanette is forced to kill Therese and clearly shocked by it, Marik actually does feel sympathy for her and tries to comfort her (in his own way, but still). Even more heartwarming when you consider that, at the beginning of the game, he couldn't stand her.

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