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Heartwarming / Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

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  • The entire relationship between Junior and Scamp.
  • Six words that also doubles as a Moment of Awesome:
    • Quickly reciprocated by Scamp.
    Scamp: Keep your paws off my pop!
  • Tramp reassuring Lady that they'll find their son before he gets into too much trouble.
    • The fact that Tramp still calls Lady "Pidge."
      • Tramp claims to Buster that he left because "[he] fell in love".
  • Scamp returning to the Junkyard to get something important: His collar.
    • In the same scene, after Scamp causes Buster to get "jailed", we get a glimpse of Tramp's prideful face and hear his hearty laugh, wrapping it up with: "That's my boy!"
  • Angel being immediately adopted by Scamp's family. The. First. Minute. They Meet. Her.
    • On a similar note, The entire Junkyard Gang, sans Buster, each being adopted.
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  • Angel's panic when she sees that Scamp has been caught and sent to the pound. She sounds as if she might have gone running into the pound after him if Scamp hadn't told her to leave. She doesn't stop running until she finds Tramp and tells him what's happened.

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