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Heartwarming / Juniel

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  • Juniel helping Choa get out of a slump and audition for FNC - which helped her become AOA's acclaimed vocalist.
  • Juniel dedicating "Dream and Hope", a cheering up song, to AOA's Jimin.
  • CN Blue's Yonghwa writing a song for Juniel's debut and doing his best to take good care of her whenever he accompanied her. Juniel's gratitude for his guidance was quite evident at debut especially in interviews.
  • Many of her (non-depressing) songs that reassure listeners the bleak times will pass and good things will come, such as "Dream and Hope" and "Everything Is Alright".
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  • "I Think I'm In Love", with very sweet lyrics of a girl in love, and a cute music video of her having simple intimate moments with her beloved. The hightlight is right at the end of the MV where they have much dorkier and less "dazzling" intimate moments such as Juniel making faces with her coffee moustache and her eye-make up smudging after running in the rain, which she and boyfriend simply laugh off.

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