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  • Fandom Rivalry: With IU's fans back at debut, when the two were constantly compared. IU fans weren't particular impressed and didn't feel she was worthy of being the Second IU, while Juniel fans bragged about Juniel being superior due to playing guitar and writing her own music (which is futile since IU also writes her own music and plays guitar). The comparisons as well as the rivalry has died down since then.
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  • Friendly Fandoms: Most FNC fans or fans of an FNC groupnote  at the very least respect and support Juniel and her music too, probably due to her friendly and non-threatening relationships with them all.
  • Shipping
    • The Ship Tease that ensued from her and CN Blue's Jonghyun's Romantic J subunit has brought many shippers for the two.
    • With FT Island's Seunghyun, who (along with Jonghyun) share(d) the same guitar teacher, has been seen by her side a lot in FNC group activities and were pretty chummy and playful during a Gayo Daejun pre-recording, amongst other things. Juniel herself has denied dating rumours, but it hasn't deterred shippers.
    • Also thanks to the Ship Tease from their "A Whole New World" duet, many fans have come to ship her and FT Island's Jaejin.
  • Signature Song: Her debut song "Illa Illa" is her most well-known one.
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  • Tastes Like Diabetes: "Pretty Boy" and its concept - much pink, tutus, aegyo, dancing and lovey-dovey stuff ensued.

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