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Heartwarming / Inherit the Wind

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  • When Drummond chews out Hornbeck for insulting Brady after his death.
  • Also, just before that in the play, Rachel's big speech about the story's aesop. She says that she read Darwin's book and has decided not to agree with his theory of evolution, but says that everyone must be allowed to think and decide for themselves, and that ideas should not be repressed.
  • After all is said and done Drummond tells Hornbeck that he lives an empty, miserable life, and no one will be by his grave to defend his ways after he's gone. Hornbeck seems sad for a moment, then he smiles a little and perhaps for the first and only time where he shows a little optimism, tells Drummond that knowing him, he'll be there by his grave to defend his ways. You have Gene Kelly to thank for giving Hornbeck some humanizing qualities.
    Hornbeck: You're wrong, Henry. You'll be there. You're the type. Who else would defend my right to be lonely?
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  • Brady getting in-between Rachel and her father when the latter has whipped himself up into an unthinking stupor.
  • When Drummond first shows up at the hotel where he stays during the trial, he is met by a group of grim-faced teenagers. Are they there to cause him trouble? No, they are students from Cates's class who just want to ask Drummond to do right by their teacher. They even help him carry his luggage inside!
  • John Stebbins putting his own farm up as collateral for Drummond's bail when he is found in contempt of court.
  • Cates ordering Drummond not to cross-examine Rachel, even though her testimony damns his case, since he does not want her to be further torn apart on the stand.
  • Brady's wife defending his behavior, by pointing out that he's no prophet or god, but just a simple human being who's prone to mistakes. Despite his faults, she still believes in him and his desire to do the right thing.

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