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Tear Jerker / Inherit the Wind

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  • Brady sobbing into his wife's shoulder while she tries in vain to comfort him. He's completely broken because the courtroom audience laughed at him while he was on the stand. It's a pitiful sight to behold.
  • Poor Rachel's breakdown during her time on the stand. Brady's own wife has to step in, desperately calling him off. Brady himself pauses, suddenly realizing what he'd just done. Before Brady sheepishly backing off.
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  • Watching Rachel's own father condemn her soul to hell, simply because her fiancé doesn't agree with some of his views. The poor girl is left in such a state that Brady of all people steps up and defends her while his wife lends her a shoulder to cry on.
  • Brady's death. It's pretty sad and shocking even if you didn't like him much.


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