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Heartwarming / Haré+Guu

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  • On one occasion, Guu convinces Hale, Clive, Weda, and Mari's older brother to play house with her, thus fulfilling her need for a parent figure, if only for a short time. Made all the more squishy when Weda and Clive decide to spend the night with Mari.
  • The Snow episode was pretty heartwarming, whilst Guu did it mostly to freak out Hare, the result was heartwarming for the rest of the kids to have snow in the Snowless Jungle.
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  • Adult Guu's first appearance. She transformed, because Hare and Weda was in danger.
  • The very last scene in the final TV episode of Haré+Guu. Despite the rest of the episode essentially being as nonsensical as the rest of the series.
    Weda: Mother!