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Tear Jerker / Haré+Guu

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  • A few. Notably the middle of Episode 14, and the very end of the series.
  • Basically, the entire Back Story of Weda, and thus, that of the whole series. Made even stronger when you consider this is a crazy comedy! Turns out Weda had been disowned by her father for getting pregnant at the age of 14, and her mother never tried to approach her or comfort her or anything, so Weda fled to the jungle — the Hare in the title is the son she had been raising and truly loving in a way that her own mother never did to her (she thought). Fast-forward to Episode 14, where 11-year-old Hare himself finds it out not from Weda, but from an old friend. Hare feels that all of his mother's suffering was HIS fault, and sheds tears. But that's when Weda tells him that is untrue, and that she "loves him more than words can describe".