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Headscratchers / Haré+Guu

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  • Is it Halé or Haré?
    • When translating Japanese characters the letters "L" and "R" often become a problem. I'm currently leaning the correct spelling being Hare.
      • the r line in Japanese is actually a flap (think of the American way of saying the d in the word "ladder" or t in "butter"), so it is neither l nor r in an English sense, though the flap in many languages like Spanish is represented by an r. Comparing it to English, though, it is closer to an l in some allophones and sounds like a "d" depending on what is next to it since we expect words to follow English rules.
  • Is Guu really just doing things for her own amusement at the expense of Hare? She seems to mostly be doing things that would benefit those around her. Hare especially. It can be quite obvious at times, those times where Guu's "older (looking) self" appears being the times she most directly seems to be doing things for Hare's sake. But is she doing this all the time?