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Heartwarming / Glitter Force

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  • The group hug in Episode 9.
  • The Cures defending Candy in Episode 12.
  • All of the Mother's Day episode (Episode 15), especially the ending.
  • The ending of episode 18. Also arguably a Tear Jerker.
  • When the girls find Candy's extra wishes in Episode 22.
  • The climax/end of episode 36. Akane has fallen in love with an exchange student from the UK, Brian, and couldn't bear to say goodbye at school. So the other girls work together to help her reach the airport in time to say goodbye; Nao flags a bus for her, Reika gives her the fare, Miyuki lends her a bicycle when said bus is stuck in traffic, and Yayoi has drawn a map of shortcuts for her. In the end, Akane reaches the airport in time to see the plane leave, regretting that she's too late...until Brian speaks to her, revealing he'd hoped she'd see him off there, so he's waiting for the next flight. The two get to say goodbye, speaking in the other's native language, in front of the window.
  • Episode 42. All of it. The end with Nao's newborn sister Yui is just the final nail on the d'awww coffin.

Alternative Title(s): Smile Pretty Cure


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