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  • Episode 9, right after the Tear Jerker that is Tsubomi breaking down, her parents finally noticed that they were hurting their daughter's feeling because of their workaholic lifestyle. For Tsubomi's sake, they proceeded to quit their high profile jobs and instead opened a small flower shop, just so they can be closer to Tsubomi and make up for their neglect. Now there's a candidate for 'Best Parents Ever' award!
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  • Episode 40, in a strange way, gives us one for the villains: Kumojacky and Cobraja are convinced something's wrong with Sasorina, and they want her to be sent back to the Castle Planet. When she protests and gets another chance, they give her their Dark Bracelets. Sure, they're bad guys helping another bad guy do bad things, but it goes to show they do care about each other. At the end when the Precures use their finisher on her, Cobraja wants to step in and save her, but Kumojacky stops him: "Let her go. She has fought bravely." They then cradle their fallen comrade in their arms and she tearfully thanks them before disappearing.
  • In episode 45, Dune turns the world into a desert, and the Precures seem to be left alone there... until various characters they saved in previous episodes appear, telling them they were able to endure because the Precure taught them how to have strong hearts, and they're not going to give up hope.
    • Episode 48 is made of this and awesome. Prof. Sabaaku comes to his senses and regains his identity as Yuri's dad, he wisely acknowledges that Dark Precure is his daughter just like Yuri is his daughter, and that Dark Precure is indeed Yuri's little sister. He holds Dark Precure in his arm as she Disappears into Light, and the poor girl calls him, "Father..." instead of "Prof. Sabaaku". Then Mr. Tsukikage fights Dune (he's a badass, surprise surprise) alongside Cure Moonlight and Cure Blossom. When Dune is about to throw a spirit bomb, he pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save his daughter and Tsubomi and dies. Cure Moonlight is full of hatred toward Dune, but Cure Blossom snaps her out of it, saying that the kindly Yuri is the only Yuri she knows. Whew!

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