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Heartwarming / Freaky Friday (2003)

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  • Anna and Tess finally switching back after Anna (in her mother's body) gives an equally heartwarming speech to everyone at the rehearsal, finally accepting Ryan as her stepfather and into the family. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when she tears up upon mentioning how good her birthfather was and how she wanted to let her mother know how she felt about it. If that doesn't melt your heart, Tess mouthing "I love you", just before the switch-back occurs, certainly will.
    • Afterwards, during the wedding scene, Tess and Anna embrace, having walked "a mile in each others' shoes" and tell them how much they love one another. It's significant Character Development for both of them, especially after seeing them fight through most of the first half of the film.
  • Anna and Jake dancing and sharing a kiss.
  • Equally doubling as a Moment of Awesome (and Awesome Music) is Anna and her band performing "Ultimate" and their families and friends clapping to the beat.
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  • Anna reading Harry's paper about how much he looks up to her when attending the parent-teacher conference; given how much they were at each other's throats through the entire movie beforehand, seeing them have their first civil moment together is really quite touching. Doubles as a Funny Moment when Harry asks his "Mom" not to tell Anna, because fighting with her is too much fun.
  • Anna (In her mom's body) learning about Ryan's true feelings about Anna and how he wants for Anna to like him on her own terms, and that he has always tried to support whatever she set her mind to. Anna is so moved that despite being told not to earlier by her mom, she kisses Ryan full on the cheek; made doubly awesome when she fully accepts him into the family as noted above.

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