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Heartwarming / Frankenstein (1931)

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Well, it was nice while it lasted.
  • The Monster playing gently with little Maria is a d'awww moment... up to the point where he runs out of flowers to throw into the water, looks at his hands sadly, and then with a big smile picks Maria up and...
    • Before that, Maria's innocent acceptance of the Monster as a potential friend.
    • Carried over into real life: Karloff, who loved kids was worried that little Marilyn Harris might be afraid of him in his makeup. Instead, on the day of shooting she went right up to him, took his hand, and asked to ride to the shoot with him. Delighted, he replied "Oh, would you darling?" and she rode to the set alongside the 'monster.'
  • The Monster's childlike wonder at its first sunbeam.
  • Elizabeth nursing Victor back to health after the final confrontation with the Monster was nice to see.

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