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Heartwarming / Forbidden Planet

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  • It's a small thing but, watching Adams stand up, ready to leap to Robby's defence after Morbius casually (a little too casually) orders the robot into the disintegration chamber. Sure Robby's a robot, but that won't stop Adams from trying to protect him from suicidal orders.
  • When Altaira asks Robby to make a new dress for her. He tells her he'll have ready by breakfast, and she gives him a hug.
    Robby: Sleep well miss.
    Altaira: Thank you Robby. I don't really care now whether I do or not.
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  • It's rather sweet how the Commander would keep tripping over his own tongue when he tried to talk with Altaira. He can handle a giant invisible alien monster without losing his composure no problem. But talking to a pretty girl? RUN AWAY!
  • Adams and Jerry's moment of reconciliation, Jerry even goes out of his way to reassure his commander that there's no hard feelings.
    Jerry: It's okay sir, she chose the right guy.
    • Makes the scene where they fight the Id monster all the more Tear Jerking.

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