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Heartwarming / Equal Rites

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  • Granny Weatherwax's threat to Eskarina's staff if it chooses not to save her.
  • Strange, but lovely:
    "This building is frightened of thunderstorms," said Granny. "It could do with comforting."
    Very carefully, without knowing why, Treatle reached out and gave the wall a friendly pat.
    "There, there," he said.
    Strangely enough, he felt a lot better.
  • Despite his well-known dislike of wizards, Death is actually fairly kind to Drum Billet.
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  • Granny’s devotion and care to Esk. When Esk starts to show a talent for magic Granny tries her best to teach her (and saving her when Esk makes a nearly vital mistake). When she realizes that her magical style is compatible with Esk’s she not only steps out of her comfort zone by writing to the Unseen University—something that is very hard for her—but she leaves Lancre to take Esk to said school. Then Esk runs away from her Granny not only goes out of her way to find the child again but when Esk comes running out of the school in tears after failing to prove that she’s a wizard, Granny doesn’t scold her. Instead, she comforts Esk and does everything she can to help her get in another way and sticks around to offer support, even if that means pretending to be a cleaning lady. Then when all hell breaks loose Granny fights for Esk and threatens Esk’s staff to save her, or it’ll be firewood. Granny may be a tough old girl but when she’s devoted, she’s devoted.
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  • The librarian is very kind to Esk as well. Not only does he gently lead her away when all the wizards start to come but when she believes she killed Simon he gently comforts her and assures her that’s not the case.
  • While antagonistic at first, Granny and Cutangle get some sweet moments when they decide to cooperate together.

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