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  • Granny Weatherwax's first appearance has a couple nice ones: having an epic duel with the headmaster to give Esk a distraction, and telling Esk's staff exactly what she'll do to it if it lets her die.
    • Note that, while reading the book, you could be forgiven for thinking at first that witch magic is mostly words and more words, with maybe a couple of mild real magic spells thrown in. No wonder Esk desperately longs for wizard magic. And then, the duel happens. Jaws may drop.
  • After having Esk be in the background or be dismissed for a lot of the book, it's nice to hear Esk confront a couple of student wizards:
    You're wizards! Bloody well wizz!
    • ...And, shortly after that, she manages to Borrow the mind of the Unseen University.

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