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  • In one of the first videos of the channel, Adam Pacitti mentions why we can't give up on wrestling. #1, "Wrestling is amazing", is basically a beautiful recount of why pro wrestling, considering all of the things, is awesome and has a lot of fans around the world:
    "When you think about it, wrestling is amazing. We don't give up on professional wrestling because it's brilliant! It's an amalgamation of theatrical performance, physical endeavor, competition, live action, horror, fiction, thriller, romance, nostalgia, animation, comedy, and a whole host of other words that mean doing things live, in front of your face, that apply to a lot of other areas of entertainment. It's a hybrid of so many brilliant things, so in turn, it's more brilliant that all of them put together. The beauty of it all, however, is it's subject to subjectivity. Vince McMahon may like his big sweaty men, while you may like the exact opposite, and I like something in between, and his name is Mojo Rawley. There's nothing in the world like professional wrestling. 'Let the world crap on our parade', I say, 'as long as we don't give up on it, it won't give up on us, and it will be our beautiful little secret forever'."


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